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Professional Airbrushed Look in seconds


Created by a celebrity makeup artist to speed up the makeup to photography time frame, NV provides a professional makeup solution that only takes a fraction of the time of regular makeup. ​

How to use

  1. Prepare - Shake bottle for 5 seconds

  2. Conceal - Mist into your hand & blend into facial skin

  3. Apply - Close your eyes, hold bottle 8 inches from face, spray in zig-zag motion while holding your breath

  4. Blend - Wait 10 seconds, then blend with an NV puff

Three Coverage Levels

  • Light - Spray makeup on with one pass

  • Medium - Spray makeup on with two passes

  • Full - Spray on the makeup in three passes


Tips for spray on make up application

  • Moisturise - Start with clean, moisturised skin

  • Wrap hair - Tie your hair away from your face using a NV head wrap.  Use a towel over your shoulders if using NV spray on makeup while already dressed.

  • Wipe Eyebrows & Facial hair - NV wipes easily away from facial hair such as eye brows.  Leave it on your eye lashes & lips to use as a primer for lashes, eye shadow and lip base.

  • Remove - NV washes off with soap using water and a washcloth. If you prefer makeup remover or wipes, these also work well.

How NV is revolutionary
  • APT-200 - Jeunesse's exclusive polypeptide technology used in the Luminesce line renews your skin's glow by rejuvenating your skin while acting as makeup.  

  • For all skin types - Free from common make up chemicals that can irritate skin, such as phthalate, paraben, sulfate and talc.

  • Moisturising & hydrating while also being oil-free and including Aloe for soothing skin

  • Super fast & easy to use - save time with our new misting technology application.