What people are saying about Instantly Ageless:


I have been using Instantly Ageless for 3 and a half years now. It is an incredible product. I look at photos of me from a few years ago and feel I look more youthful now than I did back then (friends & family say the same) Not only the instant results amazing but the long term effect is even more appealing! It took me a few days to get the hang of the right amounts to use and the right application for me but wow, the results are well worth playing around with. Along with the Jeunesse Youth Enhancement System, I want to share the joy of these products with everybody.

From the first moment I tried Instantly Ageless my very thoughts were, 'every woman needs to know about this!'   

Donna Davis, Christchurch




I have been using this product for about a year now. Excellent product, couldn't say enough great things about it. I would use this over Botox (having tried both) as its a more natural look and its nowhere near as expensive as Botox. Try it and you will see for yourself in just 5 minutes amazing results. 

Sally Vossler, Cashmere



After being a injectables fan for years, i was stoked to come across this serum and after my first usage can say it honestly works and fast! its great for those times you want to look great in photos or need a wee pick me up after a hard week, or even just for a night out on the town. LOVE THIS STUFF and my friends love it too :) 

Pagan Frisby, Dunedin



These products are simply amazing - it's the only way to describe the results. I've been using the Moisture lift for three weeks and I cannot count how many times I've been told I'm looking younger and that my skin is looking great. Cannot recommend Instantly Ageless enough - by far and away the best skin products I have ever used. I have quite sensitive skin, the moisture lift is completely non greasy and I've had absolutely no reaction at all from it - other than positive ones! 

Gareth Lincoln Bines, Christchurch



Instantly Ageless has to be tried so you can experience how amazing this product really is. From the second the product is applied you can feel your skin going tight. I have been using Ageless for 16 months finding that with daily use my wrinkles around my mouth and eyes are so fine and no more puffy eyes for me. Feel 10 years younger. I do get told that I look really good and that I have nice skin, something that us 55 year olds love to hear. The people at Instantly Ageless are so helpful with the use ot this product. This is every womans dream product. Try it and see why its OMG. 

Julie Crawford, Rolleston



I love this product, as a make-up artist the number one request is "please make me look younger!" Well this is the secret. Its perfect to wear alone or under make-up and creates a fantastic base. I love that its Instant you really can see the difference, I even tried it out on the hubby who was super impressed! 

Teresa Ching, Dunedin.



Totally love this product - I have been using the instantly ageless moisture lift daily for about four months now and wouldn't start the day without it - as soon as i put it on I instantly start to feel the effects, my face feels and looks great straight away making it look like I have been awake for hours. 

Lousie Sissons, Pegasus



I truly cant believe how amazing this product is. I wouldn't normally try this sort of product but I'm so pleased I did. Within minutes I could feel my skin tighten and the long term results still amaze me. 

Bevan Crawford, Rolleston



I have been using Instantly Ageless product for well over six months and love it. My skin is smoother and all the fine lines have basically disappeared!!! I can't live with out it!!

Debbie Smith, Okuku, Canterbury



Who would've guessed! I was very sceptical about this product. Couldn't believe the difference in just minutes. Absolutely sold on the product now and highly recommend it. 

Daile Jones, Methven



Love the moisture cream it's the only cream I use on my face the results are amazing I have to say. 

Rebecca 'Kirk' Edwards, Dalamaine



Wow!!! amazing stuff works immediately and lasted for ages definitely can recommend. 

Leanne Jenkins, Hornby



I have tried lots and lots of products like most women but Instantly Ageless beats them all! I could see and feel an instant difference, it was softer and smoother. It did not feel cloggy and I had no reaction given that I have been told I have sensitive skin. I am hooked and it is now a daily staple in my regime. We all want to feel good about our skin so I would definitely recommend this product as a 'must have product'. 

Kellie Tuner, Rolleston



This product is truly amazing I am sold. 

Luci-may Jones, Hornby



I normally think products like this are a have. But I truely believe in this product!! The results speak for themselves. 

Tracey Thomas, Cashmere