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Jeunesse distributor

Do you love Reveal, Instantly Ageless,  Naara, Luminesce, Reserve,  NV,  AM|PM, or Zen Project 8?  Or are you just excited by our unique home or phone-based business opportunity?

Why not combine the two for an exciting new-age home or phone based business.


Do you always find yourself sharing your products or results with your friends and family?

Or as a business entrepreneur do you see the potential in a worlds first range of products of that absolutely deliver, combined with a very unique compensation plan? Are you keen to become part of a company that became a billion dollar one in just 6 years, - the youngest ever to do so ever in direct selling history and a company that is smashing old and setting new records in that same industry.

Ask yourself now - who do you know who wants to look or feel old?

The anti ageing industry is booming. Jeunesse provides an opportunity to earn an extra few dollars a week or a rockstar income, based on your efforts.

Work part time alongside of what your doing now, turn it into a full time, anytime, or anywhere job. Your the one who gets to choose. Be your own boss! 

We have simple systems combined with even greater support to help you. If your a complete beginner lets work at your pace or you can go full steam ahead if your an existing networker.


What support do you provide?

With the addition of new age and online technologies we are able to work closely and support you via simple, very easy to access trainings from wherever in the world you might be. These can be one on one or join in weekly meetings and meet the rest of the team, we offer live global events, as well as weekly webinars.  We also want to help you launch your business anywhere in the world with a simple click of a button.

We encourage you to please ask as many questions as you need to help learn. 


No matter where in the world you are, whether you are a busy entrepreneur needing more time freedom, or an absolute networking superstar who sees a whole new potential or an excited but nervous beginner we can offer personal training for you.

Jeunesse provides access to on going training materials and easy access to our support teams.


PLEASE NOTE, (from Donna @AgelessOMG)


What is it you love doing, what would set your soul on fire to wake up and be doing every day? If your not living your passion everyday, what is it that's holding you back? Most people I talk with always say the same 2 things, money and time.

Everyday life can pass you by. You need to find the right opportunity to get you in a position that allows you to live life on your terms, not the bosses!  Before November 2014 I had never even considered looking at network marketing or a business model such as this, I had always been involved in traditional businesses, working hard 6 days a week 9-5 waiting for the day my hard work would pay off, a bit like groundhog day living week to week in survival mode never really getting ahead with the right combination of income and or time freedom. 

Network marketing is not like it was 10-12 years ago!  With the addition of online social medias it has never been this easy before to build a global business from wherever you want to be. I'm a simple kind of girl and like things no fuss and easy!

The Jeunesse opportunity has changed mine and my families lives


Ive seen Jeunesse's products transform the lives of those who use it, and by becoming part of this team, you become part of the youngest ever direct selling company to become a billion dollar one in just six years, all the while helping those who purchase from you transform their lives!


How to sign up


Fill out the application form and choose your product pack from a selection of products and prices. choose the one to suit your budget!


What happens after I fill out the signup form on Jeunesse?


We will be in touch to start getting to know you and get you started with some easy training. You will receive your very own Jeunesse website with a URL name of your choice to order from, direct your friends, family associates, and customers to, who will all be chasing you for these products!


Stocking product


You do not have to stock product. It does sometimes helps to have perhaps some on hand to show your potential clients.


Where can I sell?


You can sell anywhere in the world; there are no territories.


Are there any restrictions on my advertising?


You may advertise as an independent agent as long as you represent yourself, not Jeunesse Global, and as long as the brand(s) of the company do not come into disrepute. 


Commission payments


There are six ways to get paid with Jeunesse:


You can earn via

  • Retail Profit

  • New Customer Acquisition Bonus

  • Team Commission

  • Leadership Matching Bonus

  • Customer Acquisition Incentive

  • Leadership Bonus Pool

The Jeunesse Financial Rewards Plan pays commission on sales volume weekly with no limit to the number of levels on which you can earn commissions. You earn money based on product sales and by building and training your own organization of Independent Sales Representatives (ISR). 


For more details on each of the above categories, please download the complete Jeunesse Financial Rewards Plan:


Contact us for more information.

Click below to fill out the Distributor Form:


  • Use your name or business name as the 'URL'

  • Select 'Starter Kit' and choose a product package that suits your needs

  • After filling out the form, you will receive your very own Jeunesse website to order and run your business from

  • A representative will contact you shortly after completion to assist you in getting your new Jeunesse distribution business started