Hi, my name is Donna Davis and in 2012 I founded the Distribution of Instantly Ageless in New Zealand and Australia.


Now I'm very excited to say not only am I a founding leader for Jeunesse but Ive also become the first ever Sapphire Elite Director in New Zealand for Jeunesse Global as well as an International Distributor for not just the incredible Instantly Ageless but a whole range of innovative youth enhancement products created by Jeunesse.


I was first introduced to Instantly Ageless by my sisternalaw Maura who is an Estitician in L.A. She has applied make-up to, treated, and made over many famous Hollywood stars. After trying the product I was astounded - to say the least - at the incredible results that had just occurred within minutes right before my eyes!  My exact words were "every woman needs to know about this!"

I have a background in Perceptual Motor Programming, Personal Training, Hairstyling and Make-up Artistry.

I have always had an interest in empowering people, especially women, and trying to help them feel good. I saw Instantly Ageless as a product that could do exactly that and now with the partnership of Instantly Ageless and Jeunesse Global we have access to a revolutionary range of products that helps us to to look good, be healthy and feel great from the outside in and the inside out!

I love that I am now part of an exciting world wide global team, and are able to help others look good and feel great but Im also helping people to acheive amazing things and start living their passions in the number one fastest growing direct sales company in the world and this, is helping to financially better lives and create a dream life on our own terms! The Jeunesse opportunity can change lives in so many ways!


Be Flawless,  and look good yes - but inside -  feel on top of the world!


Donna Davis,

Director AgelessOMG

Sapphire Elite Director Jeunesse Global