Why pay retail when you can become a Jeunesse Wholesale buyer?



Do I have to sign up as a distributor to purchase Jeunesse Naära at wholesale prices?
Membership with Jeunesse creates a wholesale account for you to purchase Naära at the best possible discounted price, it does not commit you to becoming a distributor. If you decide to pursue that avenue in the future, your wholesale account can easily be used for that purpose at no extra cost.


What are the minimum orders? 


There is no minimum order - you can simply purchase just one Jeunesse Naära or any other Jeunesse products as you choose.  Keep in mind that the more you purchase in one order, the cheaper your shipping per unit will be!


How long do packages take to arrive? 


Depending what country you are ordering from, your Jeunesse Naära can be with you within 2-3 days. The Jeunesse market covers nearly 120 countries (as of 2017), and this list is constantly growing.


What are the purchasing terms?


Payment is required when you place your order. All purchases come with a 30 day money back guarantee.


Do I have to have a monthly autoship?

It is entirely your choice as to whether you choose to have a monthly autoship or not.


Thoughts to consider:

Have you ever experienced the panic as you discover you are about to run out of your Jeunesse Naära?


If you have a monthly autoship your instant beauty balm spray on foundation arrives at your door right on time every month. It's like a Christmas gift arriving just for you, every month. No more panicking and running out.


And let's face it, once you start using the product, you never want to run out of Jeunesse Naära!



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