Become a Jeunesse Global Distributor


Do you love Luminesce Serum?


Are you always telling your friends about your products or sharing them with your friends and family?


Or as a business entrepeneur do you see the potential in products that are made with the worlds first adult stem cell technology?

As we all strive to maintain our youth the anti ageing business is booming! Earn a few extra dollars a week or a rockstar income!

Work part time, full time, or anytime! You choose! Be your own boss!


We have simple yet effective systems in place (and a ton of support) to help you, learn as you go if your a complete beginner or fine tune your existing skills if your more experienced.


What support do you provide?


Here at AgelessOMG we want to help you live life on your terms! Do something that your passionate about everyday. We help to provide new distributors with great support systems. We encourage you to ask as many questions as you need to help learn. The best distributors ask the most questions!!

No matter where in the world you are, whether you are an an absolute budding beginner or an experienced distributor,  or networker we are able to offer personal training for you. We provide access to on going training materials, webinars and support groups.



Whatever you do in life make sure that every single day you are doing something you are passionate about! To do so, make sure you find the right opportunity to get you there!  I am a first time network marketer, and I never expected to get into this field.  However, I was the founder of Instantly Ageless OMG New Zealand, and when Jeunesse Global bought Instantly Ageless I had to either learn network marketing or lose my business!  


Network marketing is nothing like it was 10 years ago!  With social media today, it really can transform your, and your family's lives - I know what it has done for me, and I know it can happen for you too!


Jeunesse's products can transform the lives of those who use it, and by becoming part of this team, you can become part of the first company to become a Billion dollar company in six years while helping those who purchase from you tranform their lives! 


How to sign up


Fill out the application form and simply purchase one of our product packs to get started.


What happens after I fill out the signup form on Jeunesse?


You will receive your very own Jeunesse website with a URL name of your choice to order from, direct your friends, family associates, and customers too. They will all be chasing you for these products! 


Stocking product


You do not have to stock product. It does sometimes helps to have a couple on hand to show your potential clients & salon owners though


Where can I sell?


You can sell anywhere in the world; there are no territories.



Are there any restrictions on my advertising?


You may advertise as an independent agent as long as you represent yourself, not Jeunesse Global, and as long as the brand(s) of the company do not come into disrepute. 


Stocking product


You don't have to stock product, but it does helps to have a couple on hand to show your potential clients & salon owners. 


Commission payments


There are six ways to get paid with Jeunesse:

  • Retail Profit

  • New Customer Acquisition Bonus

  • Team Commission

  • Leadership Matching Bonus

  • Customer Acquisition Incentive

  • Leadership Bonus Pool

The Jeunesse Financial Rewards Plan pays commission on sales volume weekly with no limit to the number of levels on which you can earn commissions. You earn money based on product sales and by building and training your own organization of Independent Sales Representatives (ISR). 


For details on how much you'll earn for each of the above categories, download the complete Jeunesse Financial Rewards Plan:
















Contact us for more information.